Zach Szmara - The Immigrant Connection and M Work


Zach Szmara, National Director of the Immigrant Connection, shares about their vision and how it relates to the work GP m's do.

Immigrant Connection 


Adam - Lessons from Dearborn


Adam, team leader of the Dearborn Project, shares lessons they have learned from seeking to share the gospel with the diaspora community in Dearborn.

Dave Horne & Olivia Ortmann - Team Amplify


Dave Horne & Olivia Ortmann take time to talk about how GP's development program is gearing up to help M's with support raising by helping new M's over the initial challenge as well as helping reduce the support raising burden for all M's.

Joshua & Gloria Azikiwe - African Perspectives on Church, Ministry, and Mission


In this episode Randal Cheney, GP Missionary Team Leader for Africa, talks with Joshua and Gloria Azikiwe about their perspectives on the church, ministry, and mission. Joshua and Gloria come from Kenya - he currently serves as Principal of Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College in eSwatini while Gloria continues to oversee Wesleyan ministries in Kenya.

“Mary” - Sending M’s from Hard Places


"Mary" explores the challenges faced by m-sending organizations in the context of sending from hard fields.

Dennis Jackson - Forward Focus Experience


Dr. Jackson shares about the things he's been learning through his "Forward Focus Experience" and reflecting on the future of GP.

Rod & Nancy Zottarelli - Mental & Emotional Health


Wellness Coaches Rod & Nancy Zottarelli share about issues of mental health and wellness during the holidays as we approach the end of 2020, the year of Covid.

Ensz, Hubbard, & Rice - M Transitions


Three m's (Tom Ensz, Perry Hubbard, and Jim Rice) facing major transitions share their perspectives on transitioning well.

Mark Wilson - Navigating Transitions


Navigating Transitions with Mark Wilson is a recording of a Facilitator M webinar  presented on 10/28/20. The accompanying powerpoint file can be found at Navigating Transitions.pptx

Murray Derksen - From Mission Fields to Sending Churches


Murray Derksen, missionary with the CMA in Latin America, shares their experiences of seeing their churches make the transition from being mission fields to becoming sending churches.

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